NTRO Surveillance on Balakot JeM camp confirmed 300 active targets before strike

After the Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force had destroyed the Jaish-e-Mohammad’s base camps in Balakot, Pakistan by air strikes. It is being said that 300 terrorists were killed in the attack on these terrorist bases. Since then, many opposition leaders had begun to question the Central Government about giving evidence of air strikes and telling the number of terrorists killed. According to sources, the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) has reported that 300 mobile phones were active in the terror camps during the air strikes.

According to sources, during the attack in Balakot. The technical surveillance of Indian security agencies revealed that 300 mobiles were active in terrorist camps. It clearly shows that there were 300 people there. According to the sources, NTRO took the terrorists’ bases of the Khyber Pakhtunkawa area in the surveillance after getting the permission from the IAF.

Taking the revenge of the Pulwama attack, Indian Air Force had entered in pakistan and destroyed the targets of the terrorists. It is reported by sources that the Air strikes operation was executed by the Indian Air Force’s 12 Mirage-2000 aircraft. IAF’s Mirage-2000 entered in Pakistan and dropped more than 1000 kg of bomb on terrorist bases.

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