Only 8000 Sikhs left in Pakistan due to forcible conversion

Nowadays Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan talks about secularism in India but he doesn’t talk about secularism in his own country. It is reported that only eight thousands Sikh population are left in Pakistan due to forced conversion to Islam.

The incidents of forced conversion on minorities like Sikhs, Hindus in Pakistan are not new thing but nowadays it has crossed all the limits.

The number of Sikh community is declining rapidly due to forced conversions in Pakistan. Professor Kalyan Singh of GC University, Lahore said that there has been a tremendous decrease in the number of Sikhs in Pakistan in the last 15 years. Now the number of Sikhs in Pakistan is only eight thousands.

Kalyan Singh said, ‘Forced conversion of Sikhs is being done in Pakistan, due to which the number of Sikhs is decreasing rapidly. I blame the leaders of the Sikh community more than the Government of Pakistan for this, because the leaders of the Sikh community do not share views nor raise issues of Sikhs living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Professor Kalyan Singh of GC University of Lahore said that not only Sikhs in Pakistan, but also people of all minority communities including Hindus and Christians are falling victim to forced conversion.

Now the latest case has come about the forced conversion of a Sikh girl. The victim’s name is Jagjit Kaur, who was forcibly converted to Muslim and her name changed to Ayesha. Not only this, Jagjit has also been forced to marry a Muslim youth named Mohammad Ehsaan.

Jagjit Kaur is the daughter of Sikh Granthi (priest) at Nankana Sahib, The birth place of Guru Nanak Dev. father of girl, Bhagwan Singh is a granthi at Gurdwara Tambu Sahib, Nankana sahib.

As you can see in this ‘Nikah’ video of girl which has gone viral, It can be clearly seen that the girl is scared and forcefully sitting alongside Ehsaan(name of the boy).

Family of Jagjit Kaur has requested Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan and Pakistan Army Chief to act or else the incident could impact both Kartarpur Corridor and Kashmir.

Punjab Chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh has also condemned this incident and asked Imran Khan to take action against the perpetrators. He also requested India’s foreign minister Dr. S. Jaishankar to strongly take up the issue with his counterpart at the earliest

Ministry of external affairs, India has also shared the concerns regarding Jagjit Kaur, the Sikh girl who was forcefully kidnapped and converted, with the Government of Pakistan and asked for immediate remedial action.

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