Opening of Kartarpur Corridor game plan of ISI : Punjab CM Amarinder Singh

CM Capt Amarinder Singh said that in the matter of Kartarpur Corridor that the Pak army has made a big conspiracy. Even before taking the oath of Imran Khan, the Pakistan Army Chief General Javed Bajwa confirmed it by telling Navjot Sidhu about the installation of  Kartarpur Corridor. In an interview, CM said that opening of Kartarpur Corridor is definitely part of ISI’s plan. It seems that the Pak army has made a big conspiracy against India. Considering the fact that Pakistan tried to regenerate terrorism in Punjab, Captain said that everyone should be careful. It’s nothing but the war is knocking on your back. It is the purpose of Pakistan to create instability in the border state, for which terrorist activists are being formed.

Captain criticized the Akalis for telling the local body minister Sidhu as a puppet in the hands of Pakistan PM. He said that Sidhu’s issue is being raised in a non-essential manner. Those who are building it, they are unable to see ISI plans. The Captain also condemned the Akali and the BJP high command for raising unnecessary controversy over his and Sidhu’s relations.

Captain said that the demand for the corridor is pending since the time of partition. Many religious places of Sikhs like Shree Nankana Sahib, Sri Panja Sahib, Dera Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib have remained in Pak after partition.  Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh also raised the issue of Kartarpur Corridor from Pak. CM said that Imran Khan is trying to make peace with India but he should also emphasize on his army chief that it is necessary to stop the killing of our soldiers on the outskirts.

There is a history of Pakistan, where the PM has to move on the lines of the army to stay in power. CM said that he had deliberately rejected the invitation to Kartarpur corridor. He can not even think of going to Pakistan till pak stops the killings of our soldiers and ordinary people. He said that the Pak army should understand that the Punjab Police is able to directly fight with them. We are equipped with high-tech weapons, ammunition.

Our police had caught the accused of the attack on the Nirankari Satsanga house in two days. The 19 gangs supported by the ISI have been abolished. He said that ISI is trying to exploit the Sikhs by tricking the Sikhs in Canada, America, Europe. People are being provoked through Sikh For Justice (SFJ). However, the people of Punjab will never support Referendum  2020. There is no one to talk about SFJ in Punjab.

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