Operation All Out broke the records this year, 229 dispatched till now

Even if the hijackers of terror in Pakistan are brainwashing youths and they are sending terrorists to the Kashmir Valley, but their death is also continuing by Indian armed forces. According to information, 229 terrorists have been killed by security forces in the Kashmir Valley this year under Operation All Out. This has broken the record of last year. In 2017, 213 terrorists were killed in Operation All Out.

The security forces have killed about 20 militants in the last 72 hours. However, the security forces have lost their lives in this operation. According to a report, 56 soldiers of the security forces have been martyred till November 25, 2018. Last year, during the different operations, 80 were martyred.

37 Terrorists Have Been Eliminated In November And 227 Terrorists Have Been Eliminated In This Year So Far.
There Has Been Six Encounters in Nine Days In J&K And 28 terroris are Eliminated During This Period.. all the Credit Goes To Army,CRPF And J&K Police…

According to sources, this year, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and terrorist organizations have rigged 178 local youths of Kashmir and they have been included in militant tribal groups.Last year, 128 local youths were admitted to terrorist outfits. It is being reported that in October, 33 local youth have joined the terrorist organizations.

Sitting in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, terrorists are trying to rush Kashmiri youth through social media and other means and try to brainwash them in the fire of terror. But these agencies are not being allowed by security agencies to succeed.

Sources said that in October and November this year, the highest number of Kashmiri local youth has joined the extremist organizations. In October 33 local youth caught the road to terror. The number was 10 in October last year.

Here is the data of last three years :

The year-wise, month-wise details of security force (SF) personnel and civilians who lost their lives and terrorists killed in terrorist violence incidents, during last three years in the State of Jammu and Kashmir is as under: –

terrorist killed in kashmir in last three years

In 2017, 213 terrorists were killed while 150 and 108 terrorists were killed in year 2016 and 2015 respectively.

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