Pakistan Air Traffic Controller Saves Indian Flight Carrying 150 Passengers

A Pakistani air traffic controller saved an Indian aircraft carrying more than 150 passengers from being a victim of bad weather. This Indian aircraft was going to Muscat from Jaipur. Seeing the aircraft stranded in very bad weather, the Pakistani Air Traffic Controller informed the pilot about the correct route and immediately sent an alert to all the nearest air traffic controllers.

The report said that Oman airline flight number 276 was going from the Indian city of Jaipur to Muscat (Oman’s capital). There were 150 people in it. When the plane reached the Pakistani airspace, the weather became very bad.

The plane was hit by lightning in Sindh area of Pakistan. The aircraft was at a height of 38,000 feet and suddenly dropped down to an altitude of 36,000 feet. That means suddenly it came down 2,000 feet. Things were not looking good and there was a possibility of an accident. After this, the pilot of the aircraft started the Emergency Protocol and sent a message to the nearby ATC stations for help by informing them of the crisis.

The report said that Pakistan’s ATC took this call and contacted the pilot of the aircraft. ATC continuously sent messages about the route till the aircraft went out of the Pakistani flight area and kept it away from the other planes and sent it to the safe forward path.

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