Pakistan asks India to export Life saving medicines for patients

Pakistani government has given the permit to importers of Pakistan to import life-saving medicines from India in order to provide relief to patients. Actually Pakistan imports many life saving medicines from India which are not available in Pakistan, But after the removal of Article 370, Pakistan has stopped the trade from India.

Last month, Pakistan suspended bilateral trade with neighbour India after removal of Article 370 and Because of this, Pakistan was facing huge crisis of life saving medicines and Pakistani medicine importers were demanding to allow the import of life saving medicine from India.

According to Geo Tv report, The permission to import and export medicines to and from India was granted by the Ministry of Commerce, which issued a statutory regulatory order in this regard. 

Earlier last month, Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) had requested the Pakistani government to dilute the rules until some alternative source for the import could be arranged.

Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) had also expressed fear that suspending bilateral trade with India could result in vanishing of the Indian drugs from the market.

Pakistani Pharmaceutical companies also expressed fear that banning import of Indian medicines could lead to a severe crisis of life-saving drugs in Pakistan.

Few days ago, people of Pakistan were boycotting ‘Made in India’ products and running campaign on social media to boycott Indian made products.

Pakistani people were also boycotting Indian made dramas, films, and songs.

Pakistan people were boycotting Indian medias too.

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