Pakistan University will celebrate Sister’s day instead of Valentine’s day on 14th February

This time, a Pakistani university has announced to celebrate Sister’s Day instead of Valentine’s day on 14th February. The whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February. On this day people express their love and charm to any woman through a greeting card or gift. But according to Zafar Iqbal Randhawa, Vice-Chancellor of Faisalabad Agricultural University, instead of Valentine’s Day, Sister’s-Day celebration is compatible with Pakistan’s culture and Islamism.

He further said that this would encourage Islamic traditions. According to the report of the Dawn newspaper, Vandu Randhawa has decided that on this day female girl students can be given as Dupatta or Abbaya (a kind of Muslim female’s gown) gift. The vice-chancellor told Dawn news TV that he does not know whether his decision to celebrate the Siste’s-Day will inspire the Pakistani youth or not. However, some Muslims have marked Valentine’s Day as a threat. I believe that if there is a danger then it has to be changed in an instant.

Ban on Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan

There has been a debate over Valentine’s Day in Muslim majority country Pakistan from several years. Some people celebrate it and others oppose it. The Islamabad High Court also banned all events related to Valentine’s Day in 2017 and 2018 . Islamabad High Court had also banned the publication & TV broadcast of Valentine’s Day and also warned that the promotion of Valentine’s Day would be immediately stopped. Earlier in 2016, the then President Mamnoon Hussain had appealed to the Pakistani people not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Pakistan Ban Valentine's day
Pakistan Banned Valentine’s day
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