Pakistan can’t feed its own people, is talking to rule over us : Afghanistan’s NSA

Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib has targeted the Taliban and Pakistan. He said that the Taliban is nothing but the proxy of Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI. On the role of Pakistan behind the scenes in Afghanistan, he said that Afghanistan will never accept the rule of Pakistan.

Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib said When we have not accepted the authority of the Soviet Union, how can it be imagined that a backward country (Pakistan) will rule over us through its supporters. We will never let this happen.

Mohib’s statement came at a time when the ongoing dialogue between the US and the Taliban has broken down. On September 8, US President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of peace talks with the Taliban. Trump has taken this decision because of the Kabul car bomb blast because Taliban took responsibility for this blast. In this blast, 12 people including an American soldier were killed.

Video of Pakistan’s Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and ISI (SPY) Chief Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed exchange hugs & gifts with Taliban. This video proves that Taliban is a proxy of Pakistani ISI.

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