Pakistan cricket board lost the case & pays Rs 11 crores to BCCI

The Pakistan Cricket Board had filed a case against the BCCI against the ICC’s controversial settlement committee claiming about 70 million dollars in the previous year, in which it had to face defeat. PCB chairman Ehsan Mani claimed on Monday that the PCB has given the 16 lakhs dollar(Rs 11 crore) as compensation to the BCCI after losing the case in the Dispute Resolution Committee.

According to the proprietary condition of Pakistan, this Rs 11 crore is big financial penalties. Ehsan Mani also said that the Pakistan Cricket Board had spent about 22 lakhs dollars(Rs 16 crores) in this case, and that too has been lost.

Last year, the PCB had filed a case against the BCCI on not honoring the Memorandum of Understanding between the two boards. According to this Memorandum of Understanding, India had to play six bilateral series against Pakistan from 2015 to 2023, which India did not accept. Against this matter, India had argued before the ICC that we could not follow the agreement because the government did not allow it.

The Pakistan Cricket Board had claimed in this matter that the agreement was legally binding which India would have to follow but India rejected the PCB claim.

PCB President Ehsan Mani said that apart from the amount given to BCCI in payment, PCB has given other expenses related to legal fees and travel.

Total Money lost by PCB in this is around 27 crores.

  • Money paid by PCB to BCCI: Rs. 11 crores
  • Money spent by PCB in this case: Rs 16 crores

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