Pakistan destroys the Mosque of minority Ahmadi Muslim community

A Mosque of minority Muslim community was destroyed by Pakistan Police on 25th October, 2019. According to report, An Ahmadi Muslim Mosque was targeted by Police due to Pakistan’s campaign against the tiny Muslim minority.

Assistant Commissioner of Hasilpur in Punjab province, in south-eastern Pakistan, Mohammad Tayyab demolished the Mosque with the help of Police officers and officials from Bladia, the local development authority.

Spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan, Saleem ud din tweeted about this incident and said,” Assistant commissioner of Hasilpur along with Baldia workers attacked the 70 year old Ahmadi place of worship in 161 Murad District Bahawalpur & destroyed parts of the building without notice.”

This Mosque is located in 161 Murad District Bahawalpur in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is a 70 year old Ahmadi Mosque. It is important to note that this place of worship is built on property owned by the Ahmadi community in 161 Murad, Bahawalpur.

Saleem ud din also said that those Ahmadis who filmed the video of demolition of Mosque, are booked under baseless charges by Pakistan Police.

In May,2018 another 100 years old Ahmadi Mosque was demolished by the angry Pakistani mob in Sialkot.

Who is Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan?

Ahmadi Muslims have been declared non-Muslims in Pakistan. According to 1998 census, There are 291,000 (0.22%) Ahmadis in Pakistan. Majority of Muslims believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet and there would be no prophet after him but Ahmedi Muslims worship “Mirza Ahmad” who had a prophet like character. This is the main reason that would make them non-Muslims in Pakistan and majority of Muslims don’t like Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan.

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