Pakistan has 125-250 grams atom bombs : Pak Railway minister

Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rasheed who is famous for his illogical statement, has claimed that Pakistan has 125-250 grams atom bombs which may hit the targeted area of India.

According to Geo news report, Sheikh Rasheed said, “Pakistan has small 125-250 grams of atom bombs which may hit the targeted area of India.”

This is not first time, the pakistan railway minister has such “Unusual” remarks. Few days ago, Sheikh Rasheed had aslo predicted the war between India-Pakistan will break out in month of October or next month.

Recently Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rasheed’s got electric shock while speaking on stage during the kashmir solidarity day. When he was speaking, he got electric shock in mic. After this , he blamed Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi for this Electric shock.

Few days ago, when Sheikh Rasheed visited the London then some Pakistani people threw eggs on him in UK.

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