Pakistan is facing water crisis along with Bankruptcy, Imran khan wants help from people

Addressing the nation, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan is going through a crisis. Pakistan has a debt of 30 thousand billion. He said that the construction of the dam should be started immediately to deal with the water crisis. He called for every possible help, and promised that his money would not be misused. Imran said that after assuming office, he is taking frequent representations on the problems and plans of the country. We are continuously discussing issues related to debt, electricity, gas issues and foreign affairs.

He said that 10 years ago Pakistan’s debt was 6 thousand billion rupees, which now rises to 30 thousand billion. This is why we have to struggle a lot. Water problem in the country is the biggest and most important problem. At the time of Pakistan’s independence, every Pak citizen came in 5,600 cubic meters in the part of the country, while today it has dropped to 1,000 cubic meters.

To overcome the shortage of water, Imran said that the water problem in Pakistan has become disturbed. Today our water storage capacity is only 30 days, whereas in India there is 190 days. This means that the construction of the dam has become very important for the country, if we do not build a dam then the situation will get very bad in the coming years. If the dams are not built now, then in the next 7 years i.e. in 2025, the situation will be very frightening. He said that if there is no water then there will be problems in cultivating.

In his 8-minute speech, Imran said that this situation was not born suddenly. In the last 30 years the situation has been very bad, the previous leaders should have thought about it. The initiative taken by the Chief Justice on this matter is commendable . I will collect the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister’s fund. The Chief Justice has collected 180 crores in the fund.

I request every Pakistani living in the every corner of world to help in the construction of the dam (Diamar Baasha and Mohammad Dam) in Pakistan. Also, people living in Pakistan should also come forward for help. He said that if an average 80-90 lakh Pakistani-origin people of Pakistan will send an average of $1000 dollars, then there will be no shortage of any kind.

We will not have to take any loan from anyone. When money comes with the help of settled people, we will build the dam in just 5 years. Those who can not send $ 1,000, send their money as hard as possible. Prime Minister Imran gave example of Egypt thatEgypt built a dam and said that Egypt also did not have the money to build a dam, but Egypt collected money from the people and built the dam.

Imran also promised people that the money sent to build the dam will be used only for this purpose. There will be no misuse of their money.

Here is the video of Imran khan appealing people fro help: 

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