Pakistan is going to Bankrupt now and blaming India for this

Due to failure to take stringent action against terrorists, the US has again given a major blow to the Pakistan by canceling financial aid. The US has stopped the amount of $ 300 million or Rs 2,130 crore given to Pakistan on 1st September . US President Donald Trump has threatened Pakistan who failed to curb terrorism, many times before this and also stopped the $ 255 million aid in the beginning of January this year. After cancellation of all Aid by US, Pakistan is now the way of Bankruptcy and if china or any other country will help the pakistan then it will bankrupt. Pakistan Foreign Exchange Reserves has also reached historic low at this time so there are many disruptions are happening in Pakistan.

America has been a major country in financial assistance to Pakistan. Pakistan, which has been consistently seeking American assistance, has been chattering in case of terror, so in January, Trump had said in clear words that Pakistan has received $ 33 billion in aid for the last 15 years by fooling the US and instead of this Pakistan only told lie on the name of curbing terrors. Pakistan is a country of terrorism and the governments here spend the day in the umbrella of the army and the ISI. Imran Khan is seen as a prime minister more suspect, because indirectly Imran’s government is believed to be in the hands of the Pakistani army. 

The big question is why did the US stop croaking help, and now how Pakistan will feed the terrorists. The US has argued that Pakistan failed to take action against militant groups and has become a safe place for terrorist groups who have been waging war in neighboring Afghanistan for the last several years. In the last 17 years, the US spent millions of dollars in the attempt to calm down in Afghanistan and kept its army there. In such a situation, perseverance of terror in Pak is a threat to every sight. If seen, India’s relations with Afghanistan are very good.

Peace in Afghanistan is pleasant for both the US and India, but the fundamentalist terrorists in Pakistan have made a big threats. Particularly, Pakistan has been struggling with financial hardships for the past few years, despite of it Pakistan dont take any solid action against its terrorists, and when threatened with US threats, then they show ritual by performing some action against terrors to get the payment from Pakistan. On the one hand, the process of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is not stopping within India and on the other hand, the Pakistan continued to lie in the name of the proceedings. The people of Pakistan have given Imran Khan the key to power, with the challenge that he will correct the turmoil and outside bilateral relations within the country. But there is a reflection of the army on the power of Imran Khan. Obviously this army is also a wall between India and Pakistan.

Restricting military aid to Pakistan from the US is not new. After the tension started with Pakistan in India in 1965, the US had banned the military aid to Pakistan for the first time.In 1979, after the CIA confirmed Pakistan’s nuclear enrichment, all aid was was banned except food aid and due to the invasion of Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the early 1980s, once again the increase in military aid to Pakistan by the US was given. Here the US took the initiative in keeping the diplomatic balance in mind.

Pakistan’s economic can be affected by Trump’s latest economic woes, but the thing to think about is that Pakistan has succeeded in getting help from the US despite the recent reversal of the past several decades. Although terrorism is at the root of Pakistan and the financial support of the US can also be helpful to some extent in this matter, while China is always ready for it because China want to balance India with help of Pakistan . China is an opportunist friend of Pakistan while India is neither a friend nor an enemy to Pakistan.

now pakistan is blaming India for this cancellation of $300mn Aid. here is the video

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