Pakistan is running out of Dollars to Import Weapons

Statistics show Pakistan’s weapon import since 2010 have been consistently falling. Gripped by a weak economy, falling forex reserves, an alarming balance of payment ratio and American weapons sanctions has fueled a drop in Pakistan’s import of weapons.

India’s defence budget is already 7 times larger than that of Pakistan’s and that ration is about to get worse in the coming years. Unable to catch up with India, it seems Pakistan has lost all hopes of trying to match India with bullet to bullet. On one hand, India’s economy is booming under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and on the other Pakistan is getting sucked into a web of international loans to pay off older loans, not to forget the $55 bn they now owe to the Chinese for CPEC.

From $1 billion of net defence revenue which the United States received back in 2010, the numbers have dropped down to a mere $21 million dollars coming from Pakistan for procuring US military hardware.

The drop in import can be traced backed to the last few months of Barack Obama administration when the US blocked the sale of advanced F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. Since May 2nd, 2011, when Osama Bin Laden was hunted down by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad coupled with US obsession with Haqqani network and alleged safe havens in Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan, the relations and trust between Pakistan and the US have continued to deteriorate. For a long time, America has allowed unquestioned sale of sophisticated weapons to Pakistan as a requisite tool to achieve American objectives in the region.

Pakistan’s weapon import has not only seen a dip vis a vis US but military imports from China have also suffered, from $745 million to $514 million dollars. As evident from figures, United States has experienced a significant depression of revenues coming from Pakistan as compared to China.

When President Donald Trump succeeded President Obama as the 45th president of United States, the stance against Pakistan became even sterner. Not only Donald Trump sidelined and humiliated Pakistan on the world stage for its love for Islamic Terrorism but also suspended the $2 billion worth Military Aid.

US refusal to allow the sale of F-16s to Pakistan due to intensive Indian lobbying resulted in Pakistan’s drop in import of sophisticated military hardware.

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Article written by Darshil R Patel exclusively for
Bsc. in CASFX (U.K.)
Location : Mumbai
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