Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world: Ex-US defence secretary James Mattis

Former US defence secretary James Mattis has called Pakistan as “the most dangerous country” in the world. He wrote this in his latest book ‘Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead.’

James Mattis is US military veteran who had served as United States Defense Secretary from January 2017 to December 2018. He has very long time experience in US military and former member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet as Defence secretary.

James Mattis said in his book that the entire focus of Pakistan was on India. Pakistan sees its all geopolitics through “prism of its hostility toward India” and based on that It has shaped its policy on Afghanistan. Pakistan’s army wants a friendly government in Kabul that can stop India’s influence there.

James Mattis has long experience in Pakistan and South Asia as the top US Marine Corps commander, US Central Command chief and then as defense minister of US in Afghanistan.

In his autobiography ‘Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead‘, James Mattis has written, “In the countries where I have worked, I consider Pakistan the most dangerous because of its society’s radicalism and nuclear weapons. We cannot let the nuclear weapon grow rapidly in the hands of the terrorists. The result will be very dangerous.”

He wrote, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons stock is growing fastest in the world. Pakistan does not have leaders who worry about their future. On the US-Pakistan relationship, Mattis said that there has been deep differences and mistrust between the two countries.

James Mattis also revealed that it was due to lack of trust that former President Barack Obama did not give any information to Pakistan when USA killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011. James Mattis was then the head of the US Central Command.

In December last year, James Mattis had given resignation from Trump’s cabinet after Trump announcement of withdrawal of all US troops stationed in Syria.

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