Pakistan is using Mosques in US to protest against Howdy Modi event

Prime Minister Modi is going to give his speech on 22nd September in Howdy Modi event in Houston, Texas. US President Donald Trump is like to join Pm Modi in this event. This ‘Howdy, Modi’ is the biggest US event after the Pope’s Welcome. Nearly 50,000 people are likely to attend this event on September 22.

As expected, Pakistani Government are trying hard to ruin Modi’s event on September 22. Pakistani govt are taking help of some mosques in US, Khalistani people and Pakistani muslims living in US.

These are list of Mosque and religious institution in US where Anti-Modi protesters can take buses to the Modi’s event venue.

  1. Masjid Abu Bakr
  2. Maryam Islamic Center
  3. Masjid At-Taqwa
  4. Masjid Hamza (Mission Bend Islamic Center)
  5. Bear Creek Islamic Center/Masjid Al-Mustafa
  6. The Woodlands Mosque
  7. Islamic Center of Baytown
  8. MAS Katy Center
  9. Madrasah Islamiah
  10. Al-Noor Society of Houston
  11. Islamic Education Center
  12. Pearland Islamic Center
  13. Masjid al-Salam

If you analyse these things carefully then You will understand that These protests are being organised with the help of Pakistani government and some of these event organisers are closely associated with Pakistan’s ruling Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its leader Imran Khan.

For example, See the below post, It is post about the planning of protest against Pm Modi in Houston. It is posted by Fayaz Khalil who have more than 54,000 followers on his page. His profile says, He is a ‘Founder Member of PTI Youth wing’ which is Imran Khan’s party.

Source: Facebook

He has even Photograph with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Khalistani posters in USA against Pm Modi’s Event.

Such evidences prove that the Pakistani Govt are trying hard to ruin Modi’s event on September 22 in Houston, USA. This shows the depression and hate of Pakistani government towards Narendra Modi and India.

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