Pakistan Kartarpur official video shows Khalistani terrorists

A video has been released by Pakistan just before the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor. This video has been released by the Government of Pakistan and also shared by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

This video has showed a poster of three Khalistani separatists, with “Khalistan 2020” written on it.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also posted this video of the official song of Kartarpur Corridor on his official Facebook page. By showing the poster of Khalistani terrorists in the video, Pakistan has expressed its hidden intent in Kartarpur corridor.

A poster appears in the video at 3:28 min, in which the picture of Khalistani terrorists can be seen clearly. Controversy has increased after this action of Pakistan.

A scene in this video, Pakistan has shown Janrail Singh Bhindranwale. Bhindranwale was a pro-Khalistan leader who was killed by the Indian Army during Operation Bluestar . In this video, photographs of pro-Khalistan leaders like Bhindranwale, Major General Shabeg Singh and Amrik Singh Khalsa have been shown in the backdrop. These two were also killed by Indian Army during operation Blue Star. Major General Shabeg Singh was an Indian Army general who joined the Khalistani movement in 1984 after he was stripped of his rank on charges of corruption just before his retirement.

After watching this video released by Pakistan, there is a doubt about its intention. Significantly, for the last 70 years, India has been continuously demanding to open Kartarpur Corridor, but the way Pakistan has decided on this in the last two years, it surprises everyone. However, India had taken the initiative on this corridor connected with the religious sentiment of Sikhs, which was accepted by the Government of Pakistan. Now this corridor is going to open on November 9. At the same time, the video released by Pakistan featuring Khalistani terrorists, has raised many questions.

India has asked Pakistan to remove reference to Khalistan and terrorists in the official video of Kartarpur Corridor. India raised the issue after the controversial video was released on social media by Pakistan.

Punjab Cm Captain Amarinder Singh said, ” All this is what I have been warning about since day one, that Pakistan has a hidden agenda here.”

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