Pakistan Senator Rehman malik asks Govt of Pakistan to go ICC to trial Modi under Rome Convention

Pakistani leader senator rehman Malik wanted to surround India & prime minister Modi in his tweet but he himself got trolled due to a mistake. Senator Rahman wrote in a tweet, “During the discussion on Kashmir, today I asked the Government of Pakistan to go ICC to trial Modi under Rome Convention.”

Actually, Senator Rehman malik mentioned the ICC (International Cricket Council) instead of International Court of Justice (ICJ).

After this senator Rehman got trolled badly.ย People pointed out his mistake but despite this he didn’t rectify his mistake.

One Twitter user wrote, they do not know the difference between ICC and ICJ and they want Kashmir.

A Twitter user wrote, Pakistan wants to settle scores with India at ICC. What more to expect from a parody country which has a cricketer as its Prime Minister!

Senator Rehman Malik is same leader who had tagged UNO game instead of United Nations (UN).

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