Pakistan starts crying after India’s Mission shakti test, Imran khan calls high-level meeting

Today India has achieved the new dimension in the space technology by Mission Shakti test. After the success of this test, Pakistan is fearing from India and This test has stirred the pakistan Pm Imran khan so much that he called the high level security meeting on this issue.

After this meeting, Pakistan ‘s Foreign Ministry has urged the country of the world to raise voice over the test of Indian in space. Pakistan is again crying in the front of all over the world to stop the India.

The press release issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said that Pakistan sees space as a shared heritage of humanity, and every country should stay away from such activities, due to which the space is militarized.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said that they expect that those countries who raised voice against the activities of militarization of the space in the past will raise voice even this time. However, India’s name has not been taken in the Pakistan Foreign Office’s press release. But an hour after the declaration of mission power from India, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry gave such a response.

Pakistan foreign ministry statement

After this reaction from Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan also held a high-level meeting on the issue of security, in the meeting several other officers of the army, including Pakistan army chief General Bajwa, were also involved. 

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his important message to the country that on March 27, India has become the fourth largest power in the world. The Prime Minister said that India has today entered in space superpower, special power. so far this achievement was achieved by the three countries of the world America, Russia and China. India has become the fourth country and it is a big pride for every Hindustani.

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