Pakistan Used Fake Twitter Handles To Spread Violence During Delhi Riots: Dossier

Pakistan had used fake social media handles to provoke Indian Muslim during the Delhi riots According to the official dossier of Indian security agencies, Pakistan used more than 200 Twitter account to spread fake news about during Delhi riots and targeted Delhi Police with fake social media posts.

According to Hindustan Times report, More than 200 Twitter account were used to target Delhi Police using hashtags such as #ShameonDelhiPolice, #DelhiPoliceTruth and #DelhiPoliceMurders, among others, between February 25 and March 3.

The main motive was to provoke Indian Muslims by showing that the Delhi Police unfairly targeted Muslims during the Delhi riots and to spread the violence to other parts of the country.

These Pakistani social media accounts were also in touch with some handles created in India and asked them to spread inflammatory messages against Delhi Police.

Pakistani handles were also tweeting under hashtag #DelhiRiots2020 and #DelhiBurning.

Delhi Police has also found that Many social media handles and whatsapp group were created before the riots to spread fake propaganda.

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