Pakistan uses NDTV’s video to show Kashmiri are unhappy with removal of Article 370

Pakistan ruling party PTI(Imran Khan’s party) has shared a video of recent NDTV’s show where NDTV reporter claimed that the people of Kashmir are waiting for the curfew to lift so they can ‘show’ India what they feel, hinting violence and riots.

Imran Khan’s party PTI tweeted a video with caption, “For all those in New Delhi living in the delusion that Kashmir is happy over the scrapping of Article 370, union of J&K territory, an old Kashmiri has a msg: ‘Lift the curfew for a day and we’ll let them know how happy we [Kashmiris] are’.
Can Modi do that?”

In that show, According to reporter, he met an old & blind man who was trying to cross the road and the old man was being helped to cross the road and he expressed his desire to speak about the current situation.

The reporter said, “New Delhi is saying everybody in Kashmir is happy about making Jammu and Kashmir a UT. Let them lift the curfew and they will know how happy we are”.

This video clip is from Sreenivasan Jain’s show on NDTV ‘Reality Check’. with headline “Kashmiri view: Silenced by fear”.  on the same show, Sreenivasan Jain has tried to portray that Kashmiri Pandits are not happy with the removal of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir.

NDTV has invited the career opportunists kashmiri Pandits like Dr U Kaul (personal physician of Yasin Malik) and Air V Marshal Kapil Kak (who calls Geelani his father).

Rohit Kachroo, a Kashmiri Pandit and an activist, exposed the propaganda of NDTV. Rohit tweeted that Dr U kaul is neither represent the voice of Kashmiri Pandits nor anybody knows him. He is not even a kashmiri but a resident of Delhi. Rohit revealed that NDTV had invited one of our activists to the show but later canceled it after sending a cab to his place.

NDTV has issued a clarification and said, “NDTV strongly condemns attempts by Pakistan to distort Indian media coverage by maliciously editing together different excerpts and taking quotes out of context and distorting them. “

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