Pakistani famous journalist Hamid Mir caught spreading Fake news against India

After facing the humiliation in United Nation Security Council on Friday, Pakistani media & leaders are now spreading fake news in their public for moral victory.

Senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir posted a fake tweet on Saturday where he claimed that Indian Army is harassing the youth of Kashmir. The video which Hamid Mir claims as ‘latest (August 16)’ has been found to be a year old fake video .

Hamid Mir tweeted this:

Hamid Mir claimed that this is a latest video of Kashmir (16th August) but in reality, This video is one year old. A Facebook page (Indian Military Update-IMU ) had posted same video on 19th June, 2018.

Indian Military Update-IMU had posted that video with caption, “stone-pelters gear up to attack security forces yet again, what happened next will leave you in spilts.” Click here to watch the video

Hamid Mir is a renowned Pakistani journalist who hosts a political show on Zeo News. He has 5.9 millions (59 lakhs) followers on Twitter.

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Pakistani media & Newspapers are so shameless that they are all lying to their nation’s people and trying to fool the people of pakistan. Yesterday Pakistan had to face defeat in United Nation Security Council on Kashmir issue but Pakistani media is showing it as win for Pakistan by twisting the real news.

Here is the front page of all leading pakistani newspapers.

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