Pakistani girl: “we don’t have any strength to beat India”

Yesterday India beaten Pakistan in ICC cricket world cup match. After this loss of Pakistan, Many Pakistani reactions are coming which are very funny and humorous too. They are criticizing their own players in very funny and sarcastic manner. A girl video is becoming viral on social media where she says, “(we don’t have any strength to beat India) Humari Aukaad hi nahi hai India ko Harane ki” .

The Pakistani girl explains why she didn’t go to see her team play against India. She reveals, Hitler shot dead his entire cricket team and so Imran khan should do the same. She also says Cricket ground was full of 90% Indian because Indian knew that They would win the match and we did’t go to watch match between India and Pakistan because we knew that we didn’t have any strength against India to win the match.

Here is the Viral video of Pakistani Girl:

Here are the some other funny reactions by Pakistanis.

This Pakistani guy is saying that Pakistani players were eating Ice-creams & Burgers one night before the match.

Kolkata Police also trolled the Pakistan with meme. The title of meme is “ABHINANDAN” .

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