Pakistani ICJ lawywer: Pakistan doesn’t have enough evidence on Kashmir to move ICJ

After abrogation of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is constantly facing defeat in every corner of world. Despite being an internal matter of India, Pakistan is trying to raise this issue on many forums in the world. Recently, Pakistan had said that it would take this issue to the international court of justice (ICJ), but now Pakistan has to face defeat in this matter too.

In the international court, Pakistan’s lawyer Khawar Qureshi says that Pakistan doesn’t have enough evidence on Kashmir to move ICJ. If the massacre is happening in Jammu and Kashmir, then it is very difficult to collect evidence and now if there is no evidence then it is quite difficult for Pakistan to present this issue of Jammu and Kashmir in the international.

Earlier, Pakistan had also tried to raise the issue of Kashmir in United Nation Security council but it had to face defeat in UNSC too. After this, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi announced that Pakistan would take the matter to international court of Justice.

Pakistan is crying for fake human right violation in kashmir while India has got the support of many big countries of the world on this issue and has described this issue as an internal matter of India.

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