Pakistani Muslim Mob Attack Nankana Sahib gurdwara

There is a big attack on Nankana Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan on Friday. The mob pelted stones at the Nankana Sahib gurdwara. At the same time, slogans were also raised to change the name of Nankana Sahib Gurdwara and drive the Sikhs away. During this time, a large number of Sikh devotees are trapped in the Nankana Sahib gurdwara and have demanded to be removed from there as soon as possible.

Nankana Sahib is the Birth Place of Guru Nanak. He was the first Guru of the Sikhs. This is main reason that Nankana Sahib is the most important religious site for the Sikh religion.

The attacker was led by Mohammad Hasan’s brother. It was Mohammad Hasan who converted Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur and married her. Mohammad Hasan’s brother said that the Sikhs forced him to send Jagjit Kaur back, but it would never happen, as she had now become a Muslim.

Pakistani Muslims that we will ensure that not a single Sikh remains in Nankana Sahib. Also, the name of Nankana Sahib will soon be changed to Ghulam-e-Mustafa.

At the same time, India has strongly condemned the attack and asked Pakistan to take steps as soon as possible to protect the Sikh community in Pakistan.

Official Statement of Ministry of External Affairs, India about Nankana Sahib Gurdwara :

We are concerned at the vandalism carried out at the revered Nankana Sahib Gurdwara today. Members of the minority Sikh community have been subjected to acts of violence in the holy city of Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji. These reprehensible actions followed the forcible abduction and conversion of Jagjit Kaur, the Sikh girl who was kidnapped from her home in the city of Nankana Sahib in August last year.

India strongly condemns these wanton acts of destruction and desecration of the holy place. We call upon the Government of Pakistan to take immediate steps to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of the members of the Sikh community. Strong action must be taken against the miscreants who indulged in desecration of the holy Gurudwara and attacked members of the minority Sikh community. In addition, Government of Pakistan is enjoined to take all measures to protect and preserve the sanctity of the holy Nankana Sahib Gurudwara and its surroundings.

The situation at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib is still tense. Pakistani Muslim mob have surrounded Gurdwara building.

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