Pakistani singer threatens Pm Modi with snakes

A Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada has posted a video on her twitter profile with snakes and reptiles which has gone viral on social media. In her 50-seconds video, rabi Pirzada can be seen issuing threats against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She has warned Pm Modi and all Indians to get ready to face dire consequences for touching the kashmiri rights. She has introduced herself as a kashmiri girl in this video.

Rabi Pirzada tweeted, “Preparing of a Kashmiri girl against Modi, by the way, he has to go to hell.”

Rabi says in the video, “Modi you are harassing Kashmiris. See what I have prepared for you. So get ready to die in hell. Okay? And these friends of mine will feast on you.” After which, the Pakistani actor rabi Pirzada sings a song.

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