Watch: Pakistani soldiers receive bodies of their Jawans after showing white flag to India

Few days ago, Pakistani Army’s soldiers have violated ceasefire and tried to cross LoC to harm Indian army troops but Indian army retaliated back and two Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in this retaliation.

This ceasefire violation was happened in Hajipur sector of PoK where Indian Army killed 2 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistani soldiers retrieved the bodies of their killed personnel after showing white flag to Indian Army.

White flag is shown as a sign of negotiation between two armies. It is also used to symbolize surrender, since it is often the weaker party which requests negotiation.

The name of the one Pakistani soldiers was Sepoy Ghulam Rasool who belonged to Punjab province of Pakistan.

According to sources, initially Pakistani soldiers were trying to recover body by intensifying the ceasefire violation. While attempting to recover like this, another Pakistani soldier was killed. Pakistani Army couldn’t recover the bodies despite repeated attempt over 2 days.

At last, on 13th September Pakistani Army showed the white flag to Indian Army and recover the dead bodies of Pakistani soldiers.

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