Pakistan’s Effort To Launch Babur-II Missile Crashes Within 2 Minutes, Second Failed Attempt

Pakistan’s effort to launch a 750 km range ground-launched cruise missile Babur-II crashed within two minutes of its launch. The missile could only cover 14 kilometers before hitting the ground within two minutes of its launch.

According to sources, This was the second consecutive failed attempt of Pakistan’s Babur-2 missile. The first failed attempt was done on April 10, 2018.

According to sources, the test of Babur-2 missile from Sonmiani range of Balochistan on March 14 has completely failed.

The Pakistan is trying to build a missile to match the 1,000 kilometre range Nirbhay cruise missile being developed by the DRDO. Pakistan is taking help from china to build this Babur-2 missile.

The Indian Nirbhay cruise missile platform has already undergone six test trials of which the last one witnessed the platform successfully meeting all mission objectives.

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