Pakistan’s ex-minister Senator Rehman Malik calls a twitter user ‘R&AW’agent who made him fool

Pakistan’s ex-minister minister Senator Rehman Malik has been made fool by an Indian Twitter user. An Indian twitter user named ‘Being Humor‘ sent private message to Pakistan’s ex-minister minister Senator Rehman Malik and started talking with him.

After this, Being Humor posted screenshots of all the conversation between him & Senator Rehman Malik on twitter and people started trolling Rehman Malik. After facing so many trolls, Pakistan’s ex-minister minister Senator Rehman Malik called Being Humor as a ‘R&AW’ agent.

Let me to tell you about this in details. Few days ago CBI arrested former Finance minister P. Chidambaram in corruption cases on 21st August, 2019. After arrest of P. Chidambaram, Senator Rehman Malik tweeted, ” He (Chidambaram) has been arrested for raising his voice against PM Modi for his illegal acts in Kashmir by scraping the special status of Kashmir.He raised his voice in favour of oppressed Kashmiris .Note it Mr.Chidanbaram is going to be your next PM.He is capable politician.”

After this, Being Humor responded Rehman Malik’s tweet and sent him private message in Twitter. Being Humor sent Rehman Malik an image where he said that what Malik is saying about Chidambaram is correct. He also said that Chidambaram was being beaten up badly by the CBI in custody. He even shared an image with Rehman Malik and requested Rehman malik not to share his(Being Humor) details to anyone.

Rehman Malik also Promised Being Humor for anonymity and asked for some veritable proofs. He further asked, “Is it CBI office & Who is this man?” Being Humor replied that it is P. Chidambaram being beaten up in CBI office and Being Humor again requested not to take his name.

Being humor further said, “Police is forcing him(Chidambaram) to accept the crime which he didn’t do.” After this Rehman Malik fell in the trap of Being Humor and asked for more pictures where chidambaram face is more clearly visible. He even asked if he could get WhatsApp number of any of his(Chidambaram) family members.

After this, Being Humor replied that he doesn’t have any whatsapp number of P. Chidambaram’s Family but requested Rehman Malik to tweet this picture so if anybody knows Whatsapp number of Chidambaram’s family then they would reply.

Being Humor further requested Rehman Malik to post the above image so that it may control the ‘atrocity by police’ against Chidambaram. Rehman Malik assured him that he will share the image with the United Nations.

After these conversation, Being Humor suddenly posted the screenshots of all conversation between him and Pakistani ex-minister Senate Rehman Malik and said, “Dear United Nation(UN) you might get this image as an evidence of Kashmir violence, don’t trust. It’s a Bollywood movie scene.” Actually he sent the Singham movie picture to Rehaman Malik.

He also tweeted that Rehman Malik follows him on Twitter.

This is how Pakistani ex-minister senator Rehman Malik was made fool by an Indian Twitter user and Rehman Malik called Being Humor “R&AW” agent.

Again an Indian Twitter user sent message to Rehman Malik regarding the whole incident with Being Humor and asked, “is this for real ?”

Rehman Malik replied, “That RAW operator tried to fool me with fake pic.” After this, twitter user tried to give him sympathy and asked, “But why do you reply to such fake accounts?” Rehman malik said that he would take precautions from such accounts.

After this, That user said cleverly to Rehman malik, “Sir I have a pic of a prisoner from India. if you want I can send.” Rehman malik said to send that picture then That twitter user sent Ajmal Kasab photo and said , “see how badly Indian forces beat him.” At last Rehman Malik blocked that twitter user too.

After calling Being Humor as a RAW agent, Twitter users again started trolling Senator Rehman Malik.

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