People called us Political but Today we have been proven right by SC : Former IAF chief BS Dhanoa

After the judgement of Supreme Court on Rafale review Petition, Former Indian Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa has welcomed the decision of Supreme Court.

BS Dhanoa said, “I think we have been vindicated. In December 2018 I had issued a statement that Supreme Court has given a fine judgement and at that time some people said that I was being political, which was incorrect.”

BS Dhanoa further said, “I hope the matter is now laid to rest. Raking up such issues to get political gains, putting the interest of your armed forces behind, I think is not right.”

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When some people were blaming Government about the Rafale Scam then IAF chief BS Dhanoa had supported the government and said, “government is strengthening Indian Air Force

The IAF chief BS dhanoa had also said about the Rafale deal earlier that “Rafale Deal is not overpriced”. it is negotiated price of Aircraft so there should not be any controversy regarding the Rafale Deal. Infact current price of Rafale deal is less than the previous deal which was done by congress govt. In this deal France is giving 50% offset top India and I think Modi govt has signed a good deal in this MMRCA deal.

On 12 September 2018, Indian Air Force chief Birendra Singh Dhanoa came out in support of the government’s decision to obtain French Rafale aircraft jets and the Russian S-400 missile defence system. He said that by obtaining these military jets, the government was strengthening the Indian Air Force.

On 5 September 2018, Vice Chief Of IAF had said that Critics ‘don’t Have Information’ And ‘Rafale is A Beautiful Aircraft’.

Air Marshal Shirish Baban Deo, the Vice Chief of Air Staff of the Indian Air Force had said the following things about Rafale deal: “Actually, I shouldn’t comment but I can tell you… all this discussion and all these things going on in Rafale, it is because we know a lot about how everything went, we find that, people don’t have the information, okay. And, I shouldn’t be, you know, speaking. I am not authorised to volunteer information, so we just lump it. And these kind of things are not … we are just waiting for the aircraft to come. It is a beautiful aircraft. Very, very capable aircraft and it is a capability that we need very quickly.” 

He further said, “I have said what I have said. I think I have made myself very clear. You just have to read the DPP, to know about offsets and things like that to say what is what, that’s it.”

on the question of  the private sector being ‘favoured’ vis-a-vis the public sector, He said, “I do … I personally do. The Air force policy is that anything that comes to us quickly and money stays in the country, that is what is, you know, required.  It doesn’t really … it is not necessary to know whether the money is with the DPSU (Defence PSU) or the money is with the private company, as long as money stays in the country, and investments are in the country and the aircraft come out quickly, why should we refuse it?”

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