Pm Modi: Indian Army Takes 7-10 Days To Defeat Pakistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the NCC cadets in Delhi said that our neighbour has lost three wars to us. Our army takes only ten days to defeat Pakistan. After this, Pakistan starts a proxy war. The PM was attending the NCC cadets’ program at Delhi’s Cariappa Ground.

Pm Modi on Pakistan:

Pm Modi said, “We know that our neighboring country has lost three wars from us, it does not take more than a week or ten days for our armies to defeat them. That is why It fights a proxy war against us and because of this proxy war, Thousands of our soldiers and civilians have lost their lives in India.”

PM said that there is youth thinking today. The country is moving forward with a young mind and so it performs surgical strikes, air strikes and teaches the lesson to the terrorists in their home. You are also seeing the result of this.

Pm Modi on Kashmir:

The problem had remained in Kashmir since independence. 3-4 families kept up the problem. The Kashmiri Pandits living there were evicted from the house, but the government did nothing. Did we allow Kashmir to run like this? Therefore, we removed Section 370.

The PM said that now Things will not be postponed, It will be hit and dealt with. The PM said, “The youth wants to change the country and wants to change the situation. And so it has decided that things will not be postponed, it will be hit and It will be dealt with.” 

Pm Modi on Kartarpur Sahib:

At the time of partition, the line was drawn on the map and Kartarpur Sahib was given to Pakistan. But when 90 thousand Pakistani soldiers were arrested as prisoner of war in 1971 then Why was Kartarpur sahib not taken back?

Pm Modi On CAA:

Pakistan Army advertised for scavengers. It was written in it that only non-Muslims could apply for this post. These advertisements are for those Dalits who are tortured in Pakistan and whom we are giving citizenship.

Watch The Speech of Pm Modi:

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