Qualcomm announces the use of ISRO’s NavIC satellite navigation system in its chipset

Qualcomm, an American company that makes chipsets for mobile and other telecommunications devices, has announced to support the India’s NavIC satellite navigation system. Navigation with India constellation (NavIC) is an India Regional Navigation Satellite system (IRNSS) which has been developed by Indian Space organisation (ISRO).

Tested by Qualcomm:

Qualcomm has completed testing of ISRO’s Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) system for geographical location and measurement. ‘NavIC’ works on a system of satellites established by ISRO which has been developed as an alternative to GPS(US made system) in the Indian subcontinent.

The first performance of ‘NavIC’ on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform will be held at Aerocity in the capital during the three-day Indian Mobile Congress starting on Monday. ISRO said that Qualcomm has developed its new chipset platform in collaboration with the Indian Space Research organization and has also completed its testing. ISRO also said that this chipset platform supports ‘NavIC’. This chipset will be available for Mobile handsets making companies from November this year. 

Qualcomm is the first major chipset company to buy technology from ISRO to use ‘NavIC’.  This will help to accelerate the use of ‘NavIC’ , improving the exact measurement of geographical location and finding solutions related to automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) in the Indian subcontinent.

ISRO statement:

ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivan said that the “NavIC” is an important step in accelerating our thinking of using space technology in the development of the country. We are keen to make this system available for daily use and accessible to all. ISRO is pleased to collaborate with Qualcomm to bring ‘NavIC’ to the mobile platform. People will benefit from this. 

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International approval:

NavIC is the India’s own domestic GPS (Global Positioning System), Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC). In September 2019, It was approved by the international organization 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project). NavIC is RPS i.e. Regional Navigation System. While others GPS have a position accuracy of 20-30 meters, the position accuracy of the NavIC is 5 meters, making it technically better than the all others GPS.

No. of satellites used in NavIC:

In NavIC, total 8 satellites are deployed over India. Seven are for satellite navigation. One is for satellite messaging. Some apps based on NavIC are already working, while some will start soon.

Accuracy of NavIC:

The NavIC will look exactly like the American GPS, but its quality will be better than the GPS. NaVIC will provide accurate navigation data of Sea, land and air. It will be useful in disaster management, vehicle tracking and fleet management, integration with mobile phones, precise timing, mapping etc.

Others GPS have a position accuracy of 20-30 meters, the position accuracy of the NavIC is 5 meters, making it technically better than the all others GPS. NavIC has 5 times more accuracy than other GPS.

India joins the GNSS club

Now India has joined the exclusive GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) club comprising the US, EU, China and Russia who depend on their own satellites for navigation application in their respective regions.

Source: Oxford Technical Solution

GPS system of other countries of the world :

The other countries which have their own indigenous system are Russia (GLONASS—Global Navigation Satellite System), European Union (Galileo Positioning System), Japan (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System—QZSS) and China (Beidou Navigation Satellite System—BDS).

  • America: GPS means global positioning system. There are 24 satellites.
  • Russia: GLONASS means Global Navigation Satellite System. There are 24 satellites.
  • Europe: A system named Galileo, there are 26 satellites in this system.
  • China: BDS means BeiDou Navigation Satellite System which has 30 satellites.
  • India: India Regional Navigation Satellite system (IRNSS) has total 8 satellites.

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