Watch: Quarantine Centers Of Pakistan

Indian Army and Pakistani Army have set up quarantine facility Centers in their countries due to Coronavirus outbreak.

In India, Many Quarantine facility Centers have been set up Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and others central agencies. while Quarantine facility Centers in Pakistan have been set up Pakistani Army.

Balochistan govt and Pakistan army have set up quarantine facilities at Pakistan-Iran border in Taftan. These quarantine camps are filthy, unhygienic with no medical care or sanitation facilities.

People are sleeping on floors due to lack of space and facilities. Many people have shared their video on social media which show that the condition of Pakistani quarantine facilities are worst.

“The environment here is so filthy that if a person stays here for a while… they will get coronavirus,” a woman said who are being quarantined at Pakistani Quarantine camp.

Watch video: There are no medicines, no food, no doctors, Inadequate bathrooms in Pakistani quarantine centers.

Watch the condition of foods at Pakistani quarantine centers:

Condition of Pakistani quarantine centers in Punjab province :

Watch the video of Indian quarantine centers in Narela, New Delhi:

Indian Army has set up quarantine facilities at Maneser, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

Watch: Indian army quarantine facility at Jaisalmer

ITBP Chhawla facility, New Delhi :

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