Rafale fighter plane is going to fly in India this week

Nowdays The country’s politics is hot on the French fighter aircraft Rafale. On one hand, where the Congress party is accusing the scam in the buying of 36 Rafael Fighter aircraft of 60 thousand crore. At the same time, the French Air Force’s pilot is going to land Rafale on an air base in central India. The Indian pilot will also fly this fighter plane.

Three Rafale of French Air Force will land on Gwalior Air Base while returning to France after participating in the joint war practice “Pitchblack” from several countries held in Australia in the past. Air Force sources said that in this war practice, the Indian Air Force’s Transport Aircraft and Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft also participated.Rafale fighter plane is going to fly in India this week

According to the exchange program scheme starting today, the French Air Force pilot will fly upgraded aircraft of IAF’s Mirage-2000 aircraft while the Indian Air Force pilot will fly the Rafale aircraft and because of this,when 36 Rafale will come to India, Our pilots will have some experience to fly.rafale

Indian Air Force is hoping to get the first ship out of 36 Rafale aircraft in India in September 2019. While the rest will take some time to get here. 36 Rafales will be divided into two squadrons and one squadron will be deployed in Ambala in Haryana and the second squadron will be deployed in Hashimara Air Base in Bengal.

Gwalior Air Base 30 has been home for more than three decadesof the French-origin fighter aircraft Mirage-200 which had proved game changers in the Kargil conflict in 1999. This fighter aircraft played an important role in the spread of bandit Pakistani intruders in the Kargil-Drass during the Kargil war.

Congress is accusing the Modi Government of having a scam in the purchase of 36 Rafal fighter aircraft. The Congress says that in this procurement the Modi government has given the benefit to the particular industrialists wrongly.

If you want to understand the Rafale deal fully then you should watch this video for clear understanding about Rafale deal.

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