Rafale Half-A-Generation Ahead Of Chinese and Pakistanis Jets: Former IAF Chief BS Dhanoa

Former Indian Air Force chief BS Dhaoa has said the Rafale fighter jets are better than Chinese and Pakistani jets. Rafale Jets which India is buying from France is half-a-generation ahead of Chinese and Pakistanis air force’s aircraft.

The former Air Force chief, in response to a question on Rafale in Gujarat, hinted that Rafale fighter aircraft would take India’s air power a step ahead of China-Pakistan. He said, “This is half a generation ahead of the capacity that our two opponents have.” 

Significantly, 36 fighter jets deal were signed between India and France, these planes are planned to be deployed at Adampur and Hashimara airbases near China-Pakistan.

Speaking during a public event in response to a question on how Rafale would increase the strength of the Indian Air Force, BS Dhanoa said, “As I said earlier this is a 0.5 generation ahead of Chinese and Pakistanis Aircraft.

How many terrorists died in Balakot?

In response to the question of how many terrorists died in Balakot, the former Air Force chief said, “We technically focus on how to attack the target and how much damage is to be done. We cannot count the number of people who die. This is the work of intelligence agencies.

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