Rafale Hearing: SC refuses to issue notice to central government and asked to provide details of Rafale deal in sealed cover

During the hearing on the petition filed in the Supreme Court regarding the Rafale Deal, the attorney general (AG) KK Venugopal, on behalf of the Central Government, said that this is not a PIL but a political interest petition. This is the time for the election and the court should not interfere in it. It was said by the central government that this is a matter of national security. The central government said that this is not a public interest petition but is a politically motivated petition and this time is for elections if the court issues notice to the petition, then it goes directly to the Prime Minister. There is no need to hear this petition.

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Without issuing any notice, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court asked the central government to file a reply with respect to the decision-making process of the Rafale deal in a sealed cover. Supreme Court said, let’s assume that I ask you to give this deal information only to the court? So will you give to the court? The court has sought information from the Central Government about the process of decision on Rafale Deal in this case. The Supreme Court has said that we are not issuing notice to the Center. They are also making it clear that the pleas of the petitioners are also not being recorded, because their arguments are not enough. We just want to satisfy ourselves on the decision-making process of the deal. The court said that we are not going to get suitability and price in this case and the next hearing of the matter will be on October 31.

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During the hearing, the Attorney General said that this matter is already in the parliament. The petitioner’s lawyer ML Sharma told the court that if there is a corruption in this deal then it should be investigated.

The main things of this SC decision is that,

  • the attorney general (AG) KK Venugopal said, “This is not a public interest petition but a political interest petition.”
  • Supreme Court has said that we are not issuing notice to the Center regarding this deal.
  • Supreme Court asks Centre to provide details of decision making process of Rafale deal in Sealed Cover.
  • Supreme Court does not ask anything about price details.

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