Rahul gandhi mocks Indian Army’s dogs, jawans & Yoga day in his one tweet

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has tried to mock Indian Army’s Dogs squad, Jawans & Yoga day in single tweet. Rahul Gandhi tweeted a photo of Indian Army dogs and their handlers performing exercises on the occasion of International Yoga Day with a caption of ‘New India’

‘New India’ is the popular slogan of Narendra Modi and with this sarcastic remark, Rahul Gandhi has tried to mock Indian Army, Yoga and Dogs squad in a single tweet.

In the morning, Defence Spokesperson tweeted these pics of 2 Army Dog unit on yoga day.

Rahul Gandhi’s distasteful tweet drew a sharp reaction from all over India and everyone is criticizing Rahul Gandhi for this shameful tweet.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh slammed rahul gandhi for his shameful comment on Indian army’s Dogs

“Yes it’s a NEW INDIA Rahul ji where even dogs are smarter than you . @RahulGandhi,” tweeted actor Paresh Rawal.

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