Reason behind Hong Kong Protest

People in Hong Kong are protesting against the Chinese government for the Extradition Bill. It is being reported that nearly 17 lakhs people are protesting on the street of Hong Kong. Nearly 73.9 lakhs (2017) people are living in Hong Kong.

Reason :

The main reason behind this protest is the Extradition Bill, which provides that if a person does offense in China and takes refuge in Hong Kong then he will be sent to anywhere in China to join the investigation process. If this bill is passed, China will be allowed to extradite suspects even in areas with which Hong Kong does not have agreements. For example, the accused person can also be extradited to Taiwan and Macau. When there was an attempt to pass this bill in June, it started a fierce protest. 

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced a temporary suspension of the bill on June 15 after facing widespread public protest. But the agitators demand a complete repeal of the bill. Protesters think that if this bill passes that mean the imposition of Chinese law on the people of Hong Kong, after which China would arbitrarily detain and torture people. 

The Hong Kong government says that the new law will only apply to those committing serious crimes and if it is not passed, Hong Kong will become a den of criminals. Also that the process of extradition will not be adopted in cases involving freedom to speak and perform. But people are not ready to accept and now they are directly seeking the resignation of Carrie Lam. Carrie Lam is a leader of Hong Kong who is supporter of Chinese government.

History :

In 1997, After the agreement between Britain and China, China regained its old island(Hong Kong). With the concept of ‘one country-two system’ in the agreement, Hong Kong was guaranteed to maintain its social, legal and political system in addition to its independence for the next 50 years. Hong Kong has got all other rights except foreign and defense. This makes Hong Kong the special administrative region of China, which has its own multi-party system. Hong Kong has its own small constitution to ensure its privileges which is called basic law. Main objective of Basic law is to elect its Chief Executive through universal voting and democratic processes. But the prescribed selection process is not being followed properly and China is succeeding in putting its favorite people in this position. After Xi Jinping , China’s control over Hong Kong has increased and Hong Kong’s autonomy is being compromised which is not acceptable to the people of Hong Kong because they are supporters of democracy.

Hong Kong-China Border:

Lo Wu or Lowu is an area in North District, Hong Kong. It lies on the border between Hong Kong and mainland China. Shenzhen of southeastern China, links Hong Kong to China’s mainland.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. China can only interfere in Hong Kong’s foreign & defense related issue. Hong Kong has its own autonomy. Because of this autonomy, Hong Kong has its own constitution, currency, passport and many other things.

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