Reuters spreads fake propaganda about Kashmir

Reuters is one of the reputed media organisations of the world which reports from all over the world but nowadays Reuters has forgotten its path. After abrogation of Article 370, Many medias have started their fake propaganda about kashmir and Reuters is one of the medias which is spreading many fake news about Kashmir.

Today Reuters India has published a report about visiting of opposition leaders in Kashmir. Reuters headline says, “Opposition leaders denied entry to Kashmir, sent back from airport.”

Reuters used a child photo with placard in its report. “We want Freedom” was written on that placard which was in the hand of child.

After this report, People caught the lie and fake propaganda of Reuters on social media. As we can see in the photo that some other man/women has held the Placard in kid’s hand and He/She is trying to show that whole kashmiris including children are protesting against abrogation of Article 370 from Kashmir. It clearly shows that Reuters has clicked this photo for spreading fake propaganda about Kashmir.

But when we rotate this photo and see it carefully then it clearly shows that This page was previously used for another placard which was written as Love You Imran Khan. It proves that Reuters reporters are Pakistani sympathizers and running the propaganda of Pakistani army & ISI.

“Love You Imran Khan” written

See the pointed line carefully where “Love You Imran Khan” has been written clearly.

“Love You Imran Khan” written

Many people on twitter criticised the Reuters for their fake propaganda about Kashmir.

After facing criticism, Reuters cleverly removed that picture from their reports and put a new picture in that report.

Same report with different picture.

Same report with fake pictures which has been removed by Reuters.

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