Rohingyas will never be accepted as Indian Citizens: Home Minister Amit Shah

Responding to the questions on the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said that we will never accept Rohingyas as Indian Citizens. He said that misconceptions are being spread about this bill, this bill is neither unconstitutional nor against minorities. 

Amit Shah said that if the country was not divided on the basis of religion, I would not have to come with this bill. During the partition, refugees from both sides continued to move. Those who have suffered the torture of partition can tell. In the 1950 Nehru-Liaquat agreement, it was decided that the two countries(India-Pakistan) would take care of their minorities. The governments of both countries had assured each other about the security of minorities.

“Rohingyas will never be accepted as citizens of India. They infiltrated India through Bangladesh. The came from Myanmar,” Said Union Home Minister Amit Shah while speaking in the debate over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which was tabled in the Loksabha on Monday.

Talking about Article 371, The Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “There is a difference between Article 370 and Article 371. Article 371 does not give separate flag to anyone. We will never touch Article 371. I am assuring this to the whole northeast region.”

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