Russian newspaper: Turkey began to threaten the US with Su-35 and Su-57 aircraft

If the process of purchasing and upgrading the F-16 does not bear fruit, Turkey will not be short of alternatives.

According to Avia newspaper, after the United States extended sanctions against Turkey and announced a ban on the sale of not only F-35 fighters but also F-16 fighters to Ankara’s military, Turkey began to threaten the US by letting its military switch to the fifth-generation fighter S-57 and the 4++ generation fighter Su-35.

“The head of the Turkish defence-industrial complex, Ismail Demir, said that Turkey could buy Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets if the US freezes the sale of fighter jets. F-16″.

Last week, the Turkish presidential administration said that Ankara would consider adding F-16s to its fleet in place of the more advanced F-35s after Turkey’s exclusion from the fighter jet program.
“If the process of purchasing and upgrading the F-16 does not bring results, Turkey will not be without alternatives.

If necessary, the topic of Su-35 and Su-57 can be opened at any time. Our industry will do everything to ensure the safety of Ankara and if something more is needed, we can always find a way out,” Demir said on Channel 7 television.

However, according to Avia, the issue of selling Russian fighter jets to Turkey is a huge question mark.

In particular, this concerns Turkey’s aggressive rhetoric towards Russia and its allies.
“Turkey claims Russia occupies Crimea, threatens to crush Russia in Syria, threatens Armenia, … It is possible that Moscow will not be interested in a partner like Ankara.

Turkey has been offered the Su-35 and Su-57 before, but Ankara says these are not the highest quality aircraft.

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