Russian residents panicked when they discovered a giant torpedo on the beach

while conducting an exercise in the Barents Sea or the White Sea, the Russian military may have lost a torpedo.

The incident became known after the “missing weapon” was washed away by waves on the outskirts of Severodvinsk, where it was discovered by city residents.
In the photo published by the Russian press, viewers can see how people in Severodvinsk discovered a torpedo of an unidentified type.
The giant shell is believed to have washed ashore in waves, after which locals reported the find to the Russian military.

Judging by the external condition of the found weapon, the torpedo was a recently lost combat vehicle.

This does not rule out the possibility that losses may have occurred during the recent exercises of the Russian fleet in the waters near the Arctic.

To date, it has not been possible to determine with the naked eye what type of torpedo this is, however, its appearance on the shore has caused quite a stir among local residents.

Currently, there is no official statement from the Russian Naval Command about the torpedo lost in the exercise. In this case, the ammunition can be both training and combat.

Editor :Tufail Bakshi

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