S. Nambi Narayanan got justice- How an ISRO GSLV project’s head became a victim of CIA & Indian police’s dirty Game?

S. Nambi Narayanan is an Indian scientist. As a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), he was in-charge of the cryogenics division. he was heading a team working on Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) project. Narayanan introduced the liquid fuel rocket technology in India in the early 1970s, when A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s team was working on solid motors. He foresaw the need for liquid fuelled engines for ISRO’s future civilian space programmes. He was encouraged by the then ISRO chairman Satish Dhawan, and his successor U.R. Rao. 

During 1990s ISRO was very successful in launching (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) PSLVs. It was when India decided to work on GSLV as there are various added advantages of using GSLV over PSLV.

Following is a small comparison of PSLV and GSLV (Roughly General Idea):

  • PSLV can carry about 1800 Kg lift off mass while GSLV can carry about 2500Kg lift off mass.
  • PSLV can go 600-900 Km altitude. (Range) GSLV can go 36000 Km altitude. (Range)

So, early 1990s ISRO had formed a team to work dedicatedly on GSLV and Nambi Narayanan was heading this team. India had signed an agreement with Russia for transfer of technology to develop cryogenic-based fuels soThis ISRO team was working with a team from Russia Scientist, who came to India for helping ISRO with advanced space technology . As always, US was against this as it didn’t want India to excel in this “Elite” field (As per  NewYork Times). The then US president George Bush even wrote a letter to Russia objecting this collaboration. To bypass this monopoly, India signed a new agreement with Russia to fabricate four cryogenic engines after floating a global tender without a formal transfer of technology.

India and Russia did not listen the USA so USA started its dirty games. In 1994, CIA put espionage allegations on Narayanan and his team. It compelled the Indian Government (Congress Govt.) to charge and arrest the team scientists and Kerala Police arrested him under Official Secrets Act. In the mean time Third Degree Torture given by IB Officials to ISRO Scientist. IPS officer Shreekumar in sabotage ISRO’s satellite program allegedly at the behest of the CIA. The top officer involved in the case, Siby Mathews is currently the Chief Information Commissioner in Kerala. RB Sreekumar was Rewarded as Medal for Distinguished Service (1998) and DGP gujarat by Govt.

Kerala Police charged Narayanan and the team. He was kept in jail for 50 days, the Russia team went back and the project got delayed. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) assisted the Kerala Police & SIT formed by Supreme Court. Narayanan many time has accused IB of subjecting him to extreme physical and mental torture. The most important thing: And do you know who the Deputy Director of IB was? Sreekumar, the one who accused Narendra Modi in 2002 riots.

This Sreekumar was the officer who started this 2002 debate and falsely implicated Modi and his Govt. He really has a history of falsely accusing people just to please his masters.

Because of these false accusations, the GSLV project got delayed by around ONE decade. ISRO could succeed in GSLV 7-8 years before. But Kerala and UPA Govt’s actions failed ISRO and nation as a whole.You can imagine the importance by just this that GSLV will be used for Manned Space mission(Gaganyaan), Chandrayaan-2, Sun Mission (Aditya) and many other space missions which require satellites to be launched at higher altitude. 

After that CBI started investigation and found no substance in the case and dismissed the charges in 1996, same was done by the Supreme Court in 1998. But it damaged the reputation and career of Narayanan and others. The worst was the Kerala Govt. which didn’t even help them and even dropped the charges on the Kerala Police officials who falsely implicated them He said he was disappointed with ISRO as it didn’t help him (but ISRO said it couldn’t, in these legal matters)

Finally, today In 2018, the Supreme Court through the bench of Dipak Misra awarded a compensation of 50 lakhs to Nambi Narayan, to be recovered from the police officers who had framed him falsely and tortured him. Misra said, that “Even if those police officers have to sell their house, we’re not concerned”. Fact remains It took 20 Years to Deliver Justice.

I would be happy if Court charges Sreekumar and other IB and Kerala Police officers and their masters who destroyed the career of distinguished scientists, who were just working for their country so that we could be a leader in Space Science and Research.Those officers should be charged with Sedition & working with anti – national intentions. I’m sure there are few political leaders too behind all this. Every citizen should ask this Govt & Supreme Court to arrest them and provide justice to our Scientists.

In 2013, Narendra Modi(at that time Gujarat Cm) Conducted a rally in Kerala and during that time Modi visited scientist Nambi Narayan and assured him help and today he got the Justice. but but……We have lost the precious 25 years of a great scientist and India too.

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‘”Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” ..

Now A MP of Rajyasabha from Karnataka, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has demanded Padma award of S. Nambi Narayanan.He argued Prime Mininster Narendra modi to reward former Isro scientist S. Nambi Narayanan with the honour of Padma award. He wrote a letter to Pm and said, “The abuse and humiliation faced by S. Nambi Narayanan, cant be restored by giving compensation of Rs. 50 Lakhs ” 

Finally Falsely framed, one of india’s best brains in field of Atomic energy R. Nambi Narayanan given PadmaBhushan for his contribution in cryogenics project.

President Ram Nath Kovind confers Padma Bhushan award upon ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan.

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