Same-sex partner killed Isro scientist S Suresh

Hyderabad police has resolved the mystery behind the killing of ISRO scientist S Suresh Kumar. On 1st October, ISRO scienstist was found in his apartment in Hyderabad. In this case of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientist S. Suresh Kumar, the police has made a sensational disclosure. The Police revealed that S Suresh was killed by its same-sex partner Janagama Srinivas.

Hyderabad Police has also arrested accused Janagama Srinivas who has been identified as 39-year-old a lab technician of a private pathology lab.

According to Hyderabad police, accused Janagama Srinivas killed Suresh Kumar for money. Police investigation revealed that the accused Srinivas was the gay-sex partner of scientist Suresh Kumar. He was demanding money in exchange for sex from Suresh Kumar. On 30 October, the accused Srinivas reached Suresh Kumar’s house with a knife. After this, he had a physical relationship with Suresh Kumar and then demanded money.

It is being told that there was a dispute between Suresh Kumar and accused Srinivas over the money, after which he attacked Suresh Kumar with a knife. Suresh Kumar died in this incident. Suresh Kumar, 56, was a scientist at the National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) in ISRO. Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar has confirmed the arrest of accused Janagama Srinivas

Hyderabad city police commissioner Anjani Kumar said. “ Isro scientist S Suresh Kuamr was health conscious and used to visit a diagnostic centre in Ameerpet for medical tests, where he met Janagama Srinivas. Janagama Srinivas used to visit S Suresh apartment to deliver medical reports and for blood collection. S Suresh was lonely and wanted sex, which Srinivas offered and wanted money in return. Janagama Srinivas started demanding more money ,while Suresh kept promising but postponing the payment.”

S Suresh Kumar lived alone in his apartment in Hyderabad. His family lives in Chennai. The police had formed three teams to investigate this case. Police investigation and forensic evidence found that 39-year-old Janagama Srinivas is responsible for killing of Suresh Kumar.

S Suresh Kumar has been living in Hyderabad for the last 20 years. His wife also used to work in Hyderabad, but in 2005, she was transferred to Chennai. Suresh Kumar’s son lives in the US, while the daughter lives in Delhi.

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