SC says, India need rafale Aircrafts & there is no scam in rafale deal

The Supreme Court, while announcing a major decision on the Rafale deal on Friday, made it clear that there is no disturbance in the deal. The court also rejected the demand for its SIT probe. The bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph ruled this decision.

And this way, the court gave a clean chit to the Modi government on the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft from France.

The key points spoken by the Supreme Court :

  • The extent of permissible of judicial review with respect to contracts relating to defence procurements have to be decided on fact to fact basis, Supreme Court.
  • There is no chance to doubt the process of decision making in the Rafale deal.
  • Fighter Aircrafts are needed and the country can not be without fighter planes.
  • Can not decide on the basis of anybody’s perception. Perception of individuals cannot form the basis for interference, AC. The examination has been primarily from the point of exercise of jurisdiction by this court under Article 32, clarifies Supreme Court while dismissing the case.
  • There is no rigging and irregularity in the Rafale deal. There is no reason to interfere in the purchase process of 36 Rafale aircraft from France.
  • On offset: It is upto the vendor and not Central govt to decide. Not the job of this court to go into it, Supreme Court.
  • In September 2016, when the Rafale deal was finalized, no one had questioned the purchase at that time.
  • The Supreme Court admitted that there was a need to include the fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft like Rafale in the Indian Air Force.

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