Sikkim has won Oscar for best future policies in the world by UN

Sikkim presented a model in front of the world by becoming the first-ever organic state in the world. Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling received the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Future Policy Gold Award from its Deputy Director Maria Helena Semedo for the feat.

Accepting the award at the FAO headquarters in Rome on Monday, Chamling extended an invitation to the world, saying: “Let us build an organic world together,”

Sikkim, the smallest state of the North East, has lifted India’s head on the world stage. In the book of success, Sikkim added another page. Today, when the entire world is troubled by the increasing use of chemicals in food items, in such case a small state of having population of 6,10,000 people has become the first 100 percent organic state in the world. Sikkim is ruled by Pawan Chamling’s Sikkim Democratic Front from the last 25 years from May 16, 1975  . In 2016, PM Modi declared Sikkim the country’s first organic state.

On Thursday, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has given Sikkim the “Oscars of the Best Policies” to promote agricultural machinery and sustainable food systems. Sikkim is the first state in India where “completely 100% organic farming” is done. According to a statement, this state of the North-East won the award by leaving behind 51 nominated policies of 25 countries. Brazil, Denmark and Quito (Ecuador) won silver awards.

pawan chamling
pawan chamling

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Future Council (WFC) and the non-profit organization IFOAM – Organic International jointly confer this award. Sikkim became the first state in the country to announce the official adoption of organic farming in 2003 to maintain the fertility of soil for long, to protect the environment and ecosystem, to reduce the risk of healthy living and cardiovascular diseases.

15 years ago, When Sikkim began its Organic journey, Chemical lobbyists didn’t make it easy. But today, Sikkim won UN award by beating 25 Nations.

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