Slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” raised when Police went to stop Cow slaughter

August 22, 2018. Bakrid was being celebrated across the country. Around 11 am, there was an information came to police in Panchkal district of Jharkhand. It was told that cow’s sacrifice is being given to the primary school campus of Dangapada village. The police and administrative officials immediately reached the spot and tried to convince the people of the Muslim community present there. The ban was prohibited in the state, but people were not ready to accept it.There was a dispute between the police and the people for collecting the residuals. The crowd allegedly pelted stones at the police. The police returned back from the crowd after starting of stone pelting.

A few hours later the police came again with a heavy force. But then the dispute increased. More crowds have gathered beforehand. The police were attacked by crowd with bullets and bombs. Police also left tear gas shells to control the crowd. Even firing. The crowd also attacked the Maheshpur police station.

Six policemen were injured in the incident, 2 of which were serious. 10 villagers were also injured, two of which were shot. He was admitted to the hospital. after three days of the incident, there is an atmosphere of tension in the area. Section 144 is still engaged. The district police, Dumka police, SSB, Rap, SAP and CRPF personnel were deployed in the area, who posted and flagged daily.

Police have arrested 12 people so far in the case. More than 100 people are also in custody. The SP said that slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” were also made on that day by the fierce crowd and the flag of Pakistan was also waved. The people were announced to assemble by the mosques. Even after explaining the police they did not believe and three times the police were attacked by miscreants. After this, police had to make bullets for self defense. Bombshell, a pistol and bullets have been recovered from the scene of the incident. Police has doubt that they can be flown to the west Bengal so police has tighten the security of west bengal and jharkhand border. 

Here is the report: 

Slogans of "Pakistan Zindabad" raised when Police went to stop Cow slaughterSlogans of "Pakistan Zindabad" raised when Police went to stop Cow slaughterSlogans of "Pakistan Zindabad" raised when Police went to stop Cow slaughter

Now Mamata Banerjee is palying politics in this matter too as expected and she is blaming all of these on the BJP govt. Mamta says police intentionally fired people in Muslim society They were targeted at the spot only after being wounded, people are coming in West Bengal and getting treatment in the hospitals here. She alleged that BJP wanted to curb people’s eating and drinking. According to the report of the Indian Express,She justified Cow slaughter and said that no one has the right to stop it and what others would eat. Trees also have life. They said – What if people started questioning the potato food? so this is wrong thing is done by govt.

It is notable that Pakur district of Jharkhand, which is right on the West Bengal border & under 100 km from Bangladesh, is a hub of Islamist activity. The radical Islamist organization PFI (Popular Front of India) which is banned in Jharkhand, continues to be active in Pakur district. It was recently reported in regional media that PFI members had married over 1000 tribal girls in the area in order to gain control over tribal people’s land and minds.

Google map of pakar district
Google map of Pakur district
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