Indian Army troops will get advanced Sniper Rifles on 20th Jan

After the attacks from sniper rifles on Indian troops from across the border, the Indian Army is now going to equip its soldiers with sniper rifles. Army Chief General  Bipin Rawat said on Thursday that on January 20, the Northern Command of the Indian Army will be given new sniper rifles. General Rawat has given this information while addressing the annual press conference in Delhi on Thursday.

Indian Army will induct as many as 7,219 ‘Sniper Rifles’ in Janauary. Army goes for emergency purchase of some very advanced Sniper Rifles for troops deployed at LoC. Here is the two sniper Rifles which will be inducted in Army:

1. M95 MS Barrett .50 BMG

  • Type : Anti Material Sniper Rifle
  • Country : USA
  • Count : 1,500 rifles
  • Cartridge : 12.7 mm 
  • Range : 1.8 Km
M95 MS Barrett .50 BMG
M95 MS Barrett .50 BMG

2. Beretta Scorpio TGT ‘Vitrix’ .338 Lapua Magmum

  • Type : Sniper Rifles
  • Country : Italy
  • Count : 5,719 rifles
  • Cartridge : 8.36 mm 
  • Range : 1.5 Km – 1.8 Km

Beretta Scorpio TGT ‘Vitrix’ .338 Lapua Magmum

These ‘Sniper Rifles’ will replace Russian-origin 7.62mm Dragunov semi-automatic sniper rifles, which have a “limited” kill range of 800-metre and a design vintage of the 1960s.

There were some such reports in October that Indian soldiers were being attacked with Sniper Rifles from cross-border. There were reports that terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are also using sniper rifles to attack the army. . Now the army is equipping its soldiers with sniper rifles to respond the similar attacks.

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