Some Radars can’t see through clouds: Army Chief defends Modi’s Radar comment

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat has supported the Radar and clouds comments of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Balakot Air Strike. General Rawat has said that some radars are such that they can not see through the clouds. He said that this happens because of the technology to operate radar. General Rawat was attending the Passing out Parade as a chief guest at the Indian Naval Academy located in Ezhimala, Kerala on Saturday. This is where he made this statement while talking to the media.

Bipin Rawat on Radar
Bipin rawat at Passing out Parade, INA, Ezhimala, Kerala

General Bipin Rawat said, “Different types of radar are present with different techniques. Some radars have the ability to see across the clouds some Radars do not have such potential. Some radars can not see across the clouds and this is due to the ways of operating them. Sometimes we can see, we can never see. ‘

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said on Balakot Air Strike in an interview during the elections that he used his intelligence to overcome the doubts of defense experts. Defense specialists were keeping separate opinions on Air Strike due to bad weather. PM Modi had said, “The weather was not good on the day of the air strikes. In the mind of experts, it was repeatedly thinking that the day of the attack should be changed. I had two issues in mind. One was secrecy, second, I said I am not someone who knows the science. I said there is so much cloud and rain. There is a benefit. I have raw wisdom, the clouds can benefit us too. We can escape the radar. Everyone was confused. Ultimately I said there are clouds… let’s proceed,”

Bipin rawat at Passing out Parade, INA, Ezhimala, Kerala

PM Modi further said, “I advised them that the cloud can really help us and our jets can avoid the radar.” After this statement of PM Modi had to face lots of criticism on the social media. PM Modi’s statement became very popular and shared a lot and people started criticizing him but now Army chief defended the Pm Modi’s claim on Balakot Strikes.

Bipin rawat at INA, Ezhimala, Kerala
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