‘Stand With Kashmir’ an ISI sponsored social media Page

There are two Instagram pages named as ‘With Kashmir‘ and ‘Stand With Kashmir‘ which are propagating ISI and Pakistani agenda on Kashmir. After the abrogation of Article 370, These two pages became too active on social media and started spreading Pakistani narrative about Kashmir.

Many well educated Indians who live in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are also sharing the propaganda videos of these pages. so Here I am going to explain the agenda of ISI sponsored pages.

Stand With Kashmir

Stand with Kashmir has both Facebook and Instagram pages with 50,000 and 15,000 followers respectively.

Snapshot of Instagram page of Stand With Kashmir:

Stand with Kashmir, Instagram

Snapshot of Facebook Page of Stand With Kashmir:

Stand with Kashmir, Facebook

Who run Stand with Kashmir Page ?

“Stand with Kashmir” page was created on August 1, 2016. In starting. This page was named as ‘Justice for Kashmir’ but later it was changed to Stand with Kashmir. This page is mainly run by five people who are living in United states and Canada. four admins of this page live in USA and one Admin of this page lives in Canada.


StandwithKashmir.org website is also run by them and when you visit that website then you can understand their all plans.

Go #RedForKashmir, https://www.standwithkashmir.org/

They have prepared a pdf where they explained how to protest against India across the world. Click here to see the PDF

107 Seconds Video:

The another page named ‘With Kashmir’ with more than 1 lakh Instagram followers recently shared a video of Kashmir with title “DON’T BLINK: Kashmir under Occupation in 107 seconds” where they propagated a agenda of ISI.

Source: With Kashmir

This above video has more than 12.5 lakh view in less than 24 hours. It has become viral and ISI is cleverly propagating its propaganda on Kashmir via this video.

withkashmir.com website has been also blocked by government of India due to anti-national activities.

This video is made by ISI, Pakistan. How?

When you see the caption of Instagram video where Admin of ‘With Kashmir’ page has given credit to @case4kashmir. This ‘Case4Kashmir’ page has created this video of Kashmir and This page was managed by ISI from Pakistan and England.

Case 4 Kashmir, Instagram

This ‘Case4Kashmir’ page was created on August 7, 2019 i.e this is a new page which was created 2 months ago.


This ‘Case4Kashmir’ page is managed by 4 people from Pakistan and UK. 3 Admins are from Pakistan and 1 Admin is from England. You can confirm this by clicking it.

Admins of Case4Kashmir, Source

So It is now clear that This Propaganda video is made by ISI from Pakistan and so called intellectuals who live in metro cities and well-educated are sharing this video and It has become viral within 24 hours with 12.5 lakh views.

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